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Flablingo Do's and Don'ts as Pets
Take care of these special creatures. Give them as much loving and attention as required. They love attention and occasionally love to be held.
If they demand or want to be held, do so with caution. YOu'll find that sometimes they will lean their heads and necks against you which will give you the impression and instinctively return the hug. Do not squeeze them too hard. They'll burst.

Leave a Flablingo out in the rain. Make sure you have built an adequate shelter for them to run into. Flablingos dreched by a down pour are not happy creatures. Plus for the adults, it mats their plumage. Trust me, you will find out fast enough when they pester you to take them to a beauty salon after each rain storm. Its easier an cheaper to build a shelter than it is to constantly take them to a beauty salon!

Periodically stop nearby where a Flablingo is standing and compliment them on how they look. They love the attention. Might even get them to coo at you. If they coo at you more than 3 times, run. They might try to mate with you or at least take your credit cards for the next shopping fling.
Try and hide the Sunday or weekly sales advertisements from them. If they find out that you are doing this, it is going to be nasty. If they see someting in a paper or advertisement, they are not compulsive shoppers. But, be forewarned. Hiding this information from you, especially if there is a 2 day sale at Dillards or other fancy-schmancy shopping stores, you take your life in your hands.
Flablingo Male in Bar using Straw to drink
Flablingo Female in Bar Using Beak to Drink

Take them to a bar! While they quickly become the center of attraction, they also quickly get themselves drunk! We are serious about this. If they spot any bottle of beer on a bar, they will use their beaks or a straw to get at it the liquid.


2 Flablingos caught in the act at a Bar.


Once the drinking has started, they quickly try to outdrink each other. This is not a pretty site. Most people love to see a Flablingo, but NOT when they are drinking. Its an ugly sight.
Fron what we have seen, it really does not take long or the Flablingos to begin to show the characteristic Flablingo Drinking Position...
Male Flablingo Drinking Position.
Female Flablingo Drinking Position.

Flablingos© can not handle their alcohol at all. Thus you shoudl keep them out of a Bar. Alcohol makes Flablingos very dumb.

If you have them as a pet and there is a nest containing 1 or 2 eggs, Flablingos have been known to be a little stunad while they are drinking. Here we caught a Flablingo owner, who decided to avoid the safety of their home and bring a Flablingo family out with them to a bar. When no one was looking, the Female Flablingo was caught in the act!

Female Flablingo caught letting their young drink!
Female Flablingo caught again letting their young drink!



We warned you, that this was NOT a pretty pitcure. We caught the Female Flablingo attempting to give her young something to drink. Even though they are still in the shell, this type of behavior is just unacceptable! PLEASE, do NOT bring your pet Flablingos into a Bar!


Occasionally take them out for some fresh air. Fresh air works wonders for them! But if you live in cold climates, do not let them stand around outside for too long! There are rumors about them freezing to death. Not a pretty picture. First the bling falls off, then the beak... or was that the beak first then the bling. I don't rememeber and I need to look that up in the archives. But either way, once the beak and the bling falls off, you are left with a really pissed off Flablingo that has been known to drop a charging polar bear at 500 feet!