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Flablingo Facts

These fabulously famous sparkling pink birds can be found in almost any regions on any continent. While their distant relative are more prone to be found in warm watery areas, these are much more of a hearty bird. They favor environments like 5th avenue in New York City, Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles or any other high fashion area where great shopping can be found. Considering their appearance, Flablingos© are surprisingly well adapted for everyday normal life.

Flablingo Fast Facts

Type: Rare Bird
Diet: Sometimes not often
Size: Varies 10 to 50 inches
Wingspan: large
Attention span: normally short, bling related - long!
Weight: average 4.75 lbs
Group name: Mucho Blingy

Flablingos© are likely to be the only tall, sparkling pink bird in any given locale. They have long, lean, curved necks and black-tipped bills with a distinctive downward bend. Scientists speculate the curved necks are to always be aware of how they are looking and how sparkly they are. Never openly known for looking down their beak at anyone, Flablingos© are quite the friendly creature.

Not known for their flamboyant behavior (but this could change with their ever growing popularity), Flablingos© are shy at first, but guarranteed to be the life of any party. They use their long legs and sparkling webbed feet to stir up comments from the hoi palloi. They'll use their bills, or even their entire heads, to gain attraction and comments. Don't bee too alarmed at these initially shy creatures. They thrive on the glamor and and suck up to the paparazzi.

Their diet, unlike their distant cousins who eat Shrimplike crustaceans which are responsible for the cousins pink color, are quite astounding considering they are a bird. No longer worried about their pink color, Flablingos© thrive on Shrimp, Caviar and other meals are among their favorite and occasionally are seen at various well established eateries.

The shine from their bling, which helps to protect individual birds from predators while their heads are talking or comsuming variious meals, is always meticulously groomed. Never attacked in public or private events, the gleen from their coats usually blinds any would be attacker.


Male Flablingo

Flablingos© also breed in a most peculiar way. Most scientists and Flablingologists© agree to keep this mating ritual private and out fo the public eye. When "caught in the act" Flablingos© are known to shriek and are startled causing them to loose some or even all of their bling. Keeping this ritual private, adds to the intrigue and mystery of these fabulous creatures. Once mating is complete, a pair takes turns incubating their single egg. Not sure if the egg is plan or look like the parents, the egg usually takes upwards to 2 weeks to hatch. Young flamingos are born plain and drab, but quickly their parents remedy this situation.

Incredibly, these creatures are born or so it is belived with a serial number. Flablingologists© are uncertain how, but it seems to help them to keep in contact with their relatives.


The male Flablingo is born (hatched) with rudimentary feathers which mature to become a vibrant hot pink in color. The male also has a the characteristic webbed feet that are also, as seen in the photo, mature to become just like the rest of the body. When fishing, their blinged webbed feet attract a high amount of fish to the shiney sparkley flashes. These flashes confuse the fish and become easy prey for the Flablingo©.



Immature Female Flablingo

The female Flablingo© are born (hatched) with no feathers at all. As they mature, the full growth flume of feathers are an indication of maturity and availability to breed. Here depicted in this photo, is an immature female Flablingo© with no feathers. The females are great with egg sitting when another female leaves its nest for a little while. Here we were able to get a photo as an immature female tends to a relatives nest. Depicted here are 2 eggs. At times when sales are good and shopping is at its best, female Flablingos© will lay more than one egg. Fully Grown female Flablingos© have a distinctive tiara shapped growth on their head. Thus the term "queen of the roost" is a very accurate impression the male Flablingos© get almost immediately after mating.




Flablingo Nest with 2 eggs

As mentioned previously, it is normal for a female Flablingo© to only lay 1 egg. Only in times where sales are great and the female Flablingo© is content with her purchases, will you see 2 eggs appear in a nest. We were very lucky indeed to be able to get a close up photo of a Flablingo© Nest. During a brief interlude where the mother stepped away because of a fantastic 2 day sale at Bloomingdales, we were able to take this photo. Normally an immature female Flablingo© relative will come and nest sit. But she was seen flirting with some of the younger male Flablingos©. She did however come running back to the nest immediately after we took this photo. She make a sound so loud, that a group of male Flablingos© immediately came running over. We decided to leave after this.

It should be noted that male Flablingos© are very protective of their nests, young and mates. Rumor has it that they have been seen carry heat in the form of Uzi's and 9mm pistols. During our encounters, we never experienced this nor saw any of the male Flablingos© packing anything. We did speculate on some of the male appearances looked very similar to some of the actors on the Sopranos, but we will can not confirm this at this time.